Monday, April 09, 2007

Tahoe 2007: Day One

We haven't gone up to Tahoe in 2 years. There were too many excuses: life getting busy, kids getting older, vacation times not matching and well... the logistics involved in putting something like this can be very daunting.
Thing is all the planning in the world will always bow to unexpected delays. But car rental company incompetencies and major freeway accidents didn't faze this group...

First of all the van that "D" reserved... well, wasn't. So there was a wait...
TahoeD1 (1)

"H" is the new videographer.
TahoeD1 (3)

When "D" finally got the van, it was loaded up quickly so we were finally on the road...
TahoeD1 (4)

TahoeD1 (5)

TahoeD1 (6)

There was a big accident on the 10 freeway involving a motorcycle. So with the usual slow down for an accident there was the added "lookie loo" factor because there was a motorcycle on the ground. After a little while of the vans playing "leap frog" we finally passed it all up.
TahoeD1 (7)

Why is it that minutes after leaving the city, all my co-pilots/navigators end up like this?
TahoeD1 (8)

This is usually our first food stop but because we were so delayed van #1 (we reverted back to van #2) got food at the first gas stop. We still stopped for some bread and a few sweets. Others had having some fun in mind...
TahoeD1 (9)

TahoeD1 (10)

TahoeD1 (11)

We knew we were getting closer when we started seeing some snow!!!
TahoeD1 (12)

Once we got to Lakeland Village and got settled in, the toys came out. Some people found out that my new camera had a remote control. So...

TahoeD1 (13) TahoeD1 (14) TahoeD1 (15) TahoeD1 (16) TahoeD1 (17) TahoeD1 (18)


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I saw this online and thought of you and your friends in Australia.

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