Thursday, April 19, 2007

Karaoke Nights

Celia and Jim brought their karaoke microphone and it was really put to use! I think there were a couple of Karaoke Nights at the house and one visit to a dive karaoke bar. There were a lot of laughs all those nights.
Karaoke (1)

Interpretive dancing and karaoke
Karaoke (2)

Karaoke (3)

Karaoke (4)

Looking for a song
Karaoke (5)

Karaoke (6)

Karaoke (7)

Auntie Aida
Karaoke (8)

Found a song and got the score
Karaoke (10)

Karaoke (11)

Brothers duet
Karaoke (18)

One night we took it to a local dive of a karaoke bar. Somehow, when Celia and Angel go out a beacon goes off attracting a certain group... That's all I'll say about that...
Cousin Lupe singing
Karaoke (19)


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