Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Wiggles and Pat Benatar

The Wiggles
We had a themed birthday party formy niece, Jazmin today. It was a Wiggles Party! My cousin had some guy entertain the kids with a song and dance (ok he didn't dance but the kids did). As usual there was a ton of food and some people just conked out after eating and sitting on some very comfortable chairs...

Birthday girl. Jazmin at 3 years old with Aunt Aurora.
JazminBday (1)

Dad tried getting into the limbo dance. We had to get him out of there before he hurt himself.
JazminBday (2)

This is for the kids!
JazminBday (3)

Jazmin's little sister is already showing a lot of personality.
JazminBday (4)

Ready for the cake!
JazminBday (5)

Blowing out the candle.
JazminBday (6)

This is what happens when the parents fall asleep. The kids take pictures!
JazminBday (7)

Pat Benatar in Concert
The City of Alhambra has a pretty good summer concert series... again. They must devote a lot of time and money each year planning each summer. Tonight, Hank and I went to watch them kick it off with Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo. The city had a good idea of how many people were going to be attending because they added a few things and changed a coupl eof things from last year. The grandstands were bigger and of better quality (last year's stands were a little on the shaky side). They also added a "jumbo-tron", which really helped with the people who couldn't get close enough to see the stage.
Two hours before Pat Benatar went on.
BenatarConcert (1)

Warm up band: After Party
BenatarConcert (2)

Big Screen
BenatarConcert (3)

This didn't change though. The funny thing was as soon as this and the next image went up on the big screen, all you saw were camera flashes. People were all taking pictures of the screen!
BenatarConcert (4)
BenatarConcert (5)

Then Pat Benatar came on...
BenatarConcert (6)

"Promises In the Dark"
BenatarConcert (7)

"Hit Me with Your Best Shot"
BenatarConcert (8)

"We Belong"
BenatarConcert (9)

BenatarConcert (10)

It was an awesome concert. I just thought the city and the police were a little heavy with the no photography/recording policy. I can understand the no recording, but photography? From all the flashes going off the whole time it seemed ridiculous even trying to enforce it.
Anyway, I don't think I will be going to any of the other concerts. Well, maybe for Joan Jett, maybe.


Blogger celia said...

i'm so bummed that jim and i had to miss jasmine's bday party, but your pictures are hilarious! we need to print and frame that picture of mom and dad sleeping. it'll make a great present.

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