Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Resolutions update

Ok, some people have been asking (read: nagging) me about how my resolutions are holding up, especially the one about losing weight. Well, I am still working on all my resolutions, so far I've not broken any of them.

My main resolution, losing weight, has been the hardest. I told myself that I will lose 50 tons. Yes, I said tons, I figure that the more horrible I make it sound the more motivated I will be to succeed. I had a headstart by taking sodas and juices out of the equation last Thanksgiving. I've stuck to the exercise schedule I gave myself and even stepped it up a little when I started gaining some stamina. I've found and used every excuse to incorporate exercise into my "fun things to do", like photography.
The other resolution is to develop my interest in photography with "photo a week music project". I found that it motivates me to "go out" and take some pictures.
The only pitfall I've experienced is that the results are not quick enough (for me). I know, I know... I didn't gain all this tonnage over night so I shouldn't expect to get rid of it overnight.
For those who have been "asking" I'm at -12 tons to date, only 38 tons to go. I've added funwalks with photography in my exercising. I hope to build up to "funhikes" soon but for now nothing over 5 miles in a day. I know I have to work up to the higher numbers.
So, I am always looking for some place fun to walk and take pictures. If you know of any places let me know.
Here is a walk and an activity that sounded good.

World Water Day
I received an email about World Water Day from Starbucks (yes, I still drink coffee but not the gallons I used to put away) and signed up. It is only a 3 mile walk but it is a good cause and I might meet some fun people. It is this Saturday and starts at the Santa Monica Pier at 9:00 am.

Los Angeles Pillow Fight Day
If this doesn't sound like a cardio workout, I don't know what is! It also sounds like a lot of fun. I am actually torn between participating or photographing the event. It is also on Saturday but it takes place in downtown Los Angeles at Pershing Square at 3:00 pm. I am trying to decide which pillow to bring...

Well, if anyone wants to join me, there's always room for more.


Blogger ATSmith said...

Sulfur Mountain Road, Ojai. Amazing views, untouched landscape, great hiking/walking. (oh, and the Smith's live there : ) )

5:01 PM  

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