Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dad is much better now

I woke up just before noon after getting home from the hospital early this morning. I was taking care of a few things around that house that needed to be done. Mom was already at the hospital and Celia was going to be there at 5:00.
Mom called, there were a few things that dad wanted me to bring with me to the hospital. That's when it hit me. "He asked for these things?" Mom told me that dad was so much better now. He is lucid and is aware of what is going on around him.
When I arrived at the hospital, he was listening to the Laker game on the radio. He asked if there had been any calls and we were able to talk about most every day "normal" stuff.
When the Laker game ended, he said that I should go home and get some sleep. He said he's depressed because the Lakers lost the game by a last minute three point shot, losing the game by one point. Well, maybe not depressed so much as disappointed.

It was like a ton of weight was taken off me. I was so relieved dad was back to his old self. It is a hard thing to hear your dad calling out for his mommy, hallucination or not.

Once again, thank you everyone for all your prayers.

Wait it was St. Patrick's Day yesterday?


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