Sunday, March 21, 2004

Buying A Stage Floor

Went to a discount warehouse for flooring this afternoon with Dawongz and J.P. There's something to be said for being prepared, what that is we sure didn't know because we surely weren't prepared... thank goodness for cel phones (and even then that took a little doing).
The trip there and the first 15 minutes after arriving, the question of the moment was, "So how many square footage do we need?" We tried to call the person with the measurements but between the three cel phones present only one had the number and the owner didn't realize they had the number. There was a short bout of calling carousel, resulting in the discovery of the desired phone number only to find that the person had turned off their phone.
We finally got in touch with the person, but we had to go through "3 degrees of separation". A good thing too because we had over estimated the amount of square footage by a hundred.
Then there was a concern over the checks. Tony was concerned whether or not we were going to be able to use a church check... after a little song and dance we were able to use it.
After the saleman calculated what we needed, the tally came to 32 boxes and 5 rolls of foundation. There were only four of us present - Tony, Grace, J.P. and me. These boxes were not light nor were they easy to handle and the rolls of foundation weighed quite a bit too. It took a while, it took a little... ok a lot of sweat and a lot of huffing and puffing (ok, the last part mostly by me).

I hope that better preparation will take place in the installation party, but sadly... since I'm organizing that too...

Song of the Day: "The Work Song" by Herb Alpert


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