Friday, March 26, 2004

Floors, Floors, Floors

Started putting down the floors for the stage at the soon to be new Cornerstone home.
Role Call:
1. Tony D. - Drill Sargeant
2. Sammy - Floor Master
3. Dave - Wake up!
4. Bryan - Foam Cutter Extraordinaire
5. Tony W.
6. Natalie
7. Bob - Floor Master Apprentice
8. Steve A. - Keep your pants on!
9. me - Pad Master

It was a great thing that Sammy was there, he took the lead and got us organized and showed us how to do things. Tony D. kept us going, even though we took many "union breaks". Dave and I took turns as human weights.
We were so glad that Steve and Bob showed up when they did. Sammy was feeling the aches and pains and they were able to take the baton which gave Sammy the break he needed.
We were so focused on getting the floor down that no one thought of bringing any "tunes" and no one thought to bring a camera, but there were more than a few "tap dancing breaks" everytime a particular difficult row was completed.
Somebidy pass the "Icy Hot" and the heating pad!

Finally completed my interview project. Thank you Natalie, Traci and Allison, thank you Ian and Elen for taping it. We all went to dinner at Guppy's afterwards. Sorry you weren't able to go with us Natalie, next time!

Song Of the Day: "Hurt" by Johnny Cash


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