Saturday, March 06, 2004

The Lie

It started out as just a couple of the guys going out for a drink. There was one drink then another and then another. It became a series of "one for the road". Stories of past glories and long forgotten friends gave way to sad reminiscence of a more exciting and therefore preferable time than "the now". Memories tarnished with drink and altered with fading recollection. Each drink adds fuel to their longing to relive the "old days", but the realities of weary bodies and tired spirits dampen the fire and results in a grim reminder that adventure is no place for the old. So, they sit and order another round, and look back with fondness of days long gone and look forward to the comfort of home and hearth.

What Really Happened

Went out with the Wongs from Cornerstone to Farmer's Market tonight. Bradley was really hungry and Burger King was not going to cut it tonight. We needed some volume.

We parked on the top floor of the parking garage, we figured that it was such a nice day that the evening's view from the top floor would be really nice. Sure enough, it was spectacular. We all took a moment to look at the Hollywood to the east. It was a nice view of the Grove from the top. Natalie couldn't get high enough, she needed an extra boost from dad.

Well, there was so many different types of food to choose from that everyone was happy with their choices. Brad even had room for dessert that he was nice enough to share with everyone. There was a lot of entertainment there. At the east pavilion where we were they had a stge set up for karaoke. The people participating were having a lot of fun which made it a lot of fun for everybody else watching. On another stage on the west pavilion a jazz band was playing. At the Grove, a rock and roll band was entertaining the crowd in the center of its pavilion. We walked around the Grove for a while. Natalie wanted to do some shopping for a present for a friend. Over all it was a lot of fun.

One hungry bradley

Song of the Day: "Soul Man" by The Blues Brothers