Monday, March 01, 2004

Still Processing

Coming to work today I was still trying to process most of what I saw last night and a thought kept wanting to creep in but everytime I started to write it down it would vanish. I would try to remember and I would end up banging myself in the head in hopes of knocking it loose.
Another question that came up in the after movie discussion was "Did the movie humanize Jesus for you?"
There I guess the expected answer was yes, I say that only because of the looks I got when I said that it didn't. I would like to think that I have above average will-power and though I may have a lower threshold for certain types of pain (I and deathly afraid of needles), I can and have taken a lot of pain in my many accident and stupidity prone life. But seeing the scourging scene and reading what I've read on the history of the roman empire, I can only imagine that Mel Gibson held back in his depiction of it. Those tools did exist and they were used in those times. But I'm rambling now... The reason why I answered no to that question about whether the movie humanize Jesus for me was because I know that I would have passed out after the first 10 seconds of that beating. Just to be able to take all that and still carry a cross across town? That is so more than human. So, if that was the wrong way to feel or the wrong answer or I just didn't get it... I am going to need someone to explain to me why it should have humanized Jesus.
I really felt that this movie can be used to open doors in introducing the Word to many people. It will/has created enough controversy that it will create curiousity. I just pray that those curious enough will find someone who can open that door wider.

Song of the Day: "My Immortal" by Evanescence


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