Wednesday, March 03, 2004

All Kinds of Silly Web Fun

How would you do on American Idol? by geela
Simon saysScreeching cats sound better
Paula saysMy favorite performance
Randy saysI'm with Simon on this one
Success levelYou are the World Idol!
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!


What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Gauntlet Adventurer.I am a Gauntlet Adventurer.

I strive to improve my living conditions by hoarding gold, food, and sometimes keys and potions. I love adventure, fighting, and particularly winning - especially when there's a prize at stake. I occasionally get lost inside buildings and can't find the exit. I need food badly. What Video Game Character Are You?


What Sort of Hat Are You? I am a Halo.I am a Halo.

I believe I am perfect. Others may not think so, but those others are wrong. What Sort of Hat Are You?

Ok, one more...


A GREEN Dragon Lies Beneath!

My inner dragon color is GREEN. Click here to try the Quiz!

My inner dragon is the embodiment of Nature and the Earth. I'm also the Earth Elemental dragon; the defender of all living things. You've heard of forest spirits? Well, I'm as big and tough as they get. Click the image to try the Inner Dragon Online Quiz for yourself.

Well, those were sort of fun. I was so bored at work today, not much to do. Everything that needs to be done is done and no emergencies... very rare.
She is supposed to stop by today... waiting sucks.
*this is where the waiting music starts*

Song of the Day: "Right Here, Right Now" by Jesus Jones


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