Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Sunday School, Pt. 1

For the last couple of years I've been teaching Sunday school at Cornerstone. At first, I saw it as a way to contribute to the church that has been very good to me. Eventually, the reason for doing so changed at least the reason in the forefront was replaced by another. I found a passion in teaching and expanding that passion to teaching high school.

Last year, I saw that the kids in my class were getting a little bored with the material we were using. I thought the material was a little below their level and modified the material's format to a discussion heavy format. The activities suggested by this "series" were too -- as some of the Jr. highers put it -- "kiddie" for them.

But this isn't what this posting is about, sort of...

Growing up, I saw Sunday school (for Catholics it is called Catechism) as a waste of time. It was boring and the nuns (yes, mine was taught by nuns) were cruel and sadistic. None of us wanted to be there and the nuns knew it and punished us for thinking it.
What is Sunday school meant to accomplish anyway?
I guess the main purpose of Sunday school is to spread the word. "Spread the word" nice concept, only if we can sell it. Sunday school is supposed to "train" new or young believers and older ones in order to better reach "the unsaved". So what happened?

Song of the Day: "The Reason Why We Sing" by Kirk Franklin


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