Monday, April 12, 2004

Let's Hit The Road

We finally left for Tahoe this morning. Had a little problem with the van though, usually the 15-passenger van we got would fit... huh... 15 passengers, but only if they did not have any luggage. Before we picked up the Wongz, we were already one seat short....
We were finally able to load everything up and got on the road. It didn't take long before the goofiness started. I guess once the realization that we were on the road and leaving the "hum-drums" behind set off the goofy switch on high. Then again with this group it doesn't really take much to flip that switch.
We stopped at the usual stops, Mojave for gas, Schat's for lunch, Bishop for more gas and a few others for driver switches. We got to Tahoe at around 6:00 pm. After unloading the van the first order of business was... FOOD! It didn't take a lot to decide where to eat, the kids were unanimously calling for the buffet at Ceasar's.
Tomorrow will be sort of a take it easy and settle in day, so nothing is really planned.
Maybe tonight, I'll finally be able to get some sleep...

Song of the Day: "The Road I'm On" by 3 Doors Down


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