Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Take Off My Belt?!

I got pulled over a month ago by the Downey Police Department. Apparently, I had allowed my registration to lapse and I was driving around with expired tags.

At first I was relieved that I was not pulled over for a moving violation (i.e. speeding, incomplete stop, driving on the wrong side, reckless driving, hit and run, destruction of public property, driving on the sidewalk... not that I was doing any of those things... yeah). Then I realized that I am looking at the very least, a couple of days standing in line. *groan*

Since that evening, I've stood in line at the local DMV office and was told that I have to get my new tags through the mail since I had let it lapse (I didn't even know I "let" anything lapse... it's not like I gave it permission or anything like that).

After a two weeks, I still haven't gotten the tags. I know they got the money because my bank tells me that the check I issued and mailed out had cleared and the due date on the ticket was coming up. So, back to DMV only to be told that I "should" be getting it any time soon. It still doesn't help me when I go to the courthouse to clear this ticket.

I came out of there with one of those temporary permits you tape to the rear window of your car. Hoping that this would be enough to satisfy the court or the police department.

Next stop, Downey Police Department to have the ticket signed out by an officer. I "un-taped" the temporary permit to take in with me. The Clerk behind the window was very helpful and got the day sergeant to sign off on the ticket.

This morning, armed with a signed ticket and an early start (at least I thought it was an early start, 8:00 am) I headed for the Downey Courthouse. Parking was fairly painless though there were a lot of people insisting on camping out for parking spaces closer to the door. What are they thinking? Do they really think that at this time of the morning, just as the courthouse opened, there will be people getting ready to leave? Uh, the owner of those cars will be here for a while people!
In front of the building there is a LINE, not a line, but a LINE! Just to get in the building. People are going through a metal detector. I know this will be the first of many lines once I get through so I'm preparing myself mentally. I take out my wallet, keys, coins and anything else that might set off the metal detector. I even took out my Medical ID card in case the defibrillator in my chest set the metal detector off. I'm ready, I'm calm and in the proper mindset. I get to the line and the officer asks me to take off my belt...... Take off my belt?!!!! sheeeeesh!

Song of the Day: "The Long And Winding Road" by The Beatles


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