Sunday, April 11, 2004

Not Again!

The pageant last night was really nice. I'm glad Hank and Berda invited me to come along. Turns out we knew one of the contestants, oh by the way it was the Miss Asia USA Cultural Beauty Pageant. Angeline Wu was a member of the LA China Town Court, 2nd princess. I got to meet her last year at the Asian American Journalists Association's Trivia Bowl. Anyway, Angeling ended up winning the Miss Asia USA crown. It was very exciting and I thought she totally deserved it. As soon as I get the photos I'll post them on here.
But because of the previous evening's "festivities" and in my lack of sleep delirious state I "thought" I was told that our Easter's Sunrise Service was at 5 am this morning. So this makes it the second year in a row that I did not get any sleep the night before Easter.
It was very exciting for Cornerstone. This was going to be our first Sunday service at our NEW PLACE! It was a very good service and the place was filled. There are still a few things that need to be fixed, tweaked and ironed out, but that's ok seeing as it was our first.
Well... Easter Lunner (if breakfast and lunch is brunch, what is lunch and dinner? Lunner?) is done. The family for the most part has gone home...
Back to packing.... *groan*

Song of the Day: "Running Back To You" by Commissioned


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