Sunday, April 04, 2004

How Did This Happen?

So I got home from watching the movie last night (check time of yesterday's post) and started to do some little busy work before going to sleep.
Oh, during the movie, I got a call and a message from the Cornerstone's worship team asking (less than 24 hour notice... again) me to play for today's service. I am so glad I put my cel phone on silent mode.

I wanted to do a little work on a few on-going projects before going to sleep. I have been trying to organize a a mountain of MP3 files, catch up on some email and... and... and...

By the time I decided to quit it was already 4:00 am which because of the the time change was actually 5:00 am.
7:00 am - Started on attacking a mountain of laundry threatening to avalanche into the hallway.
7:30 am - Started a pot of coffee and breakfast. Went out to get the Sunday paper.
9:00 am - Started getting ready for church.
10:00 am - Set up (For the last time, woohoo! Will be in the new place next week!)
2:20 pm - I get a call from a stranger that my sister just fainted in his store. -- She is fine by the way.
3:30 pm - Got home.
4:30 pm - Fed the dog.
5:00 pm - Waiting for the sisters to take the dad out for his birthday.
6:00 pm - Family dinner, prime rib for everyone!
8:00 pm - Taking a breather, getting ready for Monday...

Looking back at the day and taking stock of what needs to be done the coming week, I came to this thought...

This day start without the previous one ending... HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

Song of the Day: "Movin' On" by Good Charlotte


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