Saturday, April 03, 2004

Walking Tall (The Rock Version)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not go "out" to watch a lot of movies. But for some reason this year I've already doubled my yearly allotment (last year = 5 movies). My sister talked me into going to see the newest version of Walking Tall. I guess I am dating myself when I say that I saw and remember the 1973 version. I can't really say I "enjoyed" the original but made a lasting impression. I remember cheering for Sheriff Buford (1973) and getting real angry at the bad guys, then again I was only, yikes! 9 years old at the time. IT REALLY made an impression!
Anyway, this latest version of the movie was not as brutal as the original, though it had enough "implied" brutality (it has a PG-13 rating after all). It was a lot of fun. Johnny Knoxville made a great Barney Fife sort of deputy. The Rock was... well, the Rock.

Song of the Day: "Fire On The Mountain" by Marshall Tucker Band


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