Thursday, April 08, 2004

Peanut Butter And Jelly Brick Toast With a Side of BUTT

Are people just devoid of courtesy these days or just oblivious?
I was at Guppy's earlier and there was a group at the next table. I gathered that they were high schoolers on spring break.
Apparently, they were a popular bunch as they knew a number of other kids coming in and I don't have a problem with that. I don't even mind when they burst out in screams and squeals (only the girls... at least I don't think the guys were squealing). The thing was as more of their friends were arriving and waiting to be seated they gathered around their table and "spilled" over around mine. They were standing awfully close, how close you ask? Well, I was close enough to be able to read the inseam sizes of their jeans. I gave them what I consider enough time to say their hi's and hello's, but after a while I had to insist that they take their "assets" away.
I asked them to give me some space. Their reaction (by "their", read: girls) was first surprise, then outrage. Yes! Outrage. One GIRL, the loudest of the group with an over-inflated opinion of herself, even asked me, "what's your problem?" As if escalating the situation into a confrontation would elevate her status with her group.
I pointed out that it was not what I ordered. That kind of threw her off. Not getting an answer, I said it again, "it wasn't what I ordered." Recovering, she asked what I was talking about. I stood up backed up towards one of the more mature guys on the table and said that I did not order a peanut butter and jelly brick toast with a side of butt...

Song of the Day: "Shut 'Em Down" by Busta Rhymes


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