Friday, September 10, 2004

Heckling Traffic

I was at a Starbuck's (I know big surprise). Seated at a chair closer to traffic, there was this guy yelling at traffic. I guess he is some kind of regular at that corner because a few drivers honked and waved at him. There was a cab at the corner waiting at the light and this heckler started throwing insults after insults at the driver. The driver, after seeing who was yelling at him tried to ignore him. But after a while I could see that the light could not turn green fast enough for him. The people sitting at the Starbuck's were split at laughing and enjoying the show to shakingtheir heads and writing him off as another nut job. Either way, they were giving him a lot of "room".

I was actually enjoying his yelling. It wasn't like he was angry. Like a person heckling a comedian, he was heckling the drivers. I wanted to know what he was about so I sat at a table right next to his and when he stopped to take a breath, I asked him why he was yelling at the cars and drivers.

He looked at me and tried to size me up, making up his mind as to whether or not I was crazy. He either decided I was not crazy and was safe to talk to or decided that I was crazy and therefore ok to talk to. He told me that he was so fed up with how the United States was so dependent on oil and that he couldn't understand how so many people can't come to the same conclusion. He says that he doesn't expect to change any minds, he just wants to blow off some steam.

As I was walking away, he was cheering on a Metro Bus.

Here is a picture an hour before I turned...sob...40.
Yes it is at Guppy's Teahouse. My home away from home, at least that's what a lot of people think. I don't have a clue why they would think that, could it be because I have my own parking space marked out for me? Nah...


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