Friday, November 11, 2005

Shopping sucks

Shopping sucks if you are LARGE.
I told myself that I was not going to buy any "good" clothes until I lost a lot of weight. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on clothes that I would not be able to wear after I lost the weight. I used to tilt the scales at 390 lbs a year and a half ago. I am now at 280 lbs, still tilting the scales but at least now it doesn't curse me when I get off, not much anyway.
Since I started teaching, I realize that I cannot get away with the wardrobe of jeans and t-shirts. I had decided that I was going to just chuck all my clothes, which depressingly fit in one garbage bag.
What goes in the bag:
  1. If I haven't worn it in the last month -- in the bag.
  2. If I only wear it inside the house because there's no way I would wear it in public -- in the bag.
  3. If I think that particular style is going to came back again -- in the bag.
  4. If I have to think twice about it -- in the bag!

Now with the closet acting like an echo chamber I was off to start dressing like an adult or a reasonable facsimile. I got to the mall, one of the nicer ones in SoCal to start my transformation.

  1. Macy's for Men
    As I was making my way to the entrance, I couldn't help looking at their window display, it was very inspiring. I was looking through each section and I fought the urge to go through the area for the younger crowd. I also stayed away from the "active wear" section otherwise known as jeans and t shirts. I got to the more "professor type" clothes and I was a little lost as to where to start. I saw some sweaters and I thought, "Ok, let's start there." I found a few nice ones in my size (XXL). On the way to the fitting room I saw a couple of shirts (the ones with buttons, c'mon) so I grabbed them too. This is where it started to go wrong...
    The first thing I tried to put on was a sweater... didn't fit. I tried the other one and as soon as I unfolded it, it was obvious that this was not going to fit either. This was ridiculous! I know I am an XXL, except for clothes that says "Made in India" or "Made in Malaysia"... well you get what I mean. A sales person asked me if I was finding everything ok. I asked her if they had anything in my size. She pulled out a nice long sleeved shirt and asked to try it on. No dice. She then told me that I would not find anything there and I should "go across the street" referring to a big and tall shop. I thanked her and thought what does she know? I'm going to take my money to the next store.
  2. Nordstrom's
    This time I went straight to a salesperson and asked, "what do you have in my size?" They told me to try Rochester's "across the street." Now the big and tall has a name... Rochester's.

After going through a few more stores, I started getting mad. After another 20 minutes, I started getting really depressed. I was so dejected that I decided I was never going back to this mall of specific type. Anyone not fitting that type is banished "Across the street."
I ran a few errands I had planned later in the afternoon after a "long day of shopping" had lunch. Then I went home and took all those crappy T Shirts and ratty jeans out of the "bag" and put them all back in my closet and brood.
I am looking forward to a birthday get-together with a bunch of friends for "The Embassy" later tonight. Hopefully, that will get me out of this "funk" I'm finding myself in...


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