Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tahoe 2007: Day Two

Tahoe D2 (1)

Every time we go up to Tahoe there is usually a "Game of the Trip", "Video of the trip" or "something of the trip". This year I think it is Speed Scrabble. More than a few people have been "sucked" into the Speed Scrabble Vortex. I call it vortex because they do get sucked in and before they know it the evening has turned into morning. hahahahaha...

As usual, I took over the kitchen. This year, I mixed it up a little.

Tahoe D2 (2)

Here is a partial menu:
  1. OxTail soup
  2. Ramen soups
  3. Personal cheesecakes
  4. Lemon Bars

Here are this year's group (minus Stephanie, she was with the Okajimas) after dinner one night.

Tahoe D2 (3)Then while out shopping... it started to snow. So what do people from the desert do when it starts to snow?

Tahoe D2 (4) Tahoe D2 (5) Tahoe D2 (6)

We're a bunch of goofballs!


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