Monday, July 09, 2007

Installation Dinner

I was invited to the Los Angeles Chinatown Chamber of Commerce Installation Dinner by Berda and family back on the 29th of June. I've been invitedto these events by Berda thanks to her sister, Ada who was a member of the Chamber of Commerce and they are always a lot of fun.
We were worried that we were going to be very late due to an accident on the 110 freeway. It's bad enough when emergency units are needed at an accident, so much more when a motorcycle is involved. Thankfully, it did not look like the motorcyclist was hurt very bad though, the EMTs had to take his boots off. I saw them having a conversation so it did not look like he was hurt too bady.
CCofCInstallation (2)

CCofCInstallation (3)

Once we found our table, the Chinatown princesses were going from table to table selling raffle tickets. Berda wasted no time getting them to pose for a picture with James.
CCofCInstallation (4)

This princess (Molly) told me that her tickets are "guaranteed" to win. I asked her what were the raffle prizes and she told me whatever is on the stage. I asked her if she was going to be onstage later... ba da boom (I know, I know...).
CCofCInstallation (5)

Once they got the swearing in of the new board members by Sheriff Lee Baca, the program got underway. There was a presentation of awards and many plaques of appreciation. Berda picked one up for Ada.
CCofCInstallation (7)

There was a delicious 9 course Chinese dinner.
Then the raffle started.
Table raffle prize #1: Very nice abacus
CCofCInstallation (10)

Table raffle prize #2: Hand made chinese vase
CCofCInstallation (11)

Table raffle prize #3: Dolls of the mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympics
CCofCInstallation (12)

It was getting embarassing. I'm not sure but I think the people at the table behind ours were giving us the "stink eye"- haters, hahahahaha.

As we were getting ready to leave Berda managed to push me in the direction of the Miss Chinatown Court.
CCofCInstallation (13)

I was trying to tell her that I already had a picture with them. I guess I was not loud enough, hehehehehe.


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