Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bolsa Chica Bonfire

It has been a while since I've let the pyro in me play a little, so I thought a bonfire at the beach was in order. I told a few friends that they were welcome to join me if they wanted but all I would be providing was fire.
Stevie and I got to the beach at about 3pm and though it was sunny and warm, there was a nice and cool steady breeze from the water.
BeachBonfire (1)

Tried out my "take-anywhere" kite.
BeachBonfire (2)

This guy used this to pull a good sized camper. It has a stripper pole and the platform even rotates. He has a disco ball, lights and a pretty good sound system. There were no dancers though there were 3 families in the party with lots of kids...
BeachBonfire (3)

The sunset was beautiful. The sun still showing through the clouds before it disappeared behind Catalina.
BeachBonfire (4)

The SooHoos were the first to arrive, then the Wongs minus Bradley.
BeachBonfire (5)

We have FIRE!!! No lighter fluid here! Lighter fluid is for wimps! hahahahahaha!
BeachBonfire (6)

Took a long exposure shot up the beach.
BeachBonfire (8)

Grace brought some hotdogs but no one had anything to cook them over the fire. Berda had chopsticks but they were way too short. Stevie broke his chair earlier in the day, so I cannibalized it and extended the weenie roasters.
BeachBonfire (9)

BeachBonfire (10)

BeachBonfire (11)

BeachBonfire (12)

We had to cut it short because Berda caught on fire...
BeachBonfire (13)

Not really but it sure looks like it. It was a good night, we even saw the fireworks from Disneyland off in the distance. Actually we heard it first. It was a good night for a bonfire.


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