Saturday, August 04, 2007

Two Birthdays

What do you do when there's a birthday on the 1st and another on the 2nd? Have a party on the 4th!
The family had a combined birthday party for Joel (1st) and mom (2nd) at Jim and Celia's Today. It was the usual family get-togethers, lots of food, lots of food and oh yeah lots of food.

birthdays (1)

birthdays (2)

birthdays (3)

Their first time to Jim and Celia's.
birthdays (4)

Jasmine has been here a number of times already.
birthdays (5)

Again, when parents fall asleep at family gatherings... this happens.
birthdays (6)

birthdays (10)

Kim wanted a picture with the Deloitte and Touche building in the background... ok.
birthdays (11)

Out on the roof making bubbles.
birthdays (12)

Mom openning her presents.
birthdays (13)

birthdays (15)

Happy Birthday Mom! Happy Birthday Joel!


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