Saturday, July 14, 2007

Queen Mary Bike Show

One of the things (yes, there are more than one) that I've been drooling over lately has been motorcycles. Custom motorcycles at that. So when I heard that the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show was this weekend, I made sure that I was going to be there. It was a great day for an outdoor bike show. The Queen Mary Event park was a great place to have it too.

QueenMary BikeShow (1)

From the entrance I made my way through the sportsbikes. Not my usual cup of tea but these bad boys were wicked! I don't know if I would be able to handle one of these babies!

QueenMary BikeShow (2)

QueenMary BikeShow (3)

I'm getting really tired of the skulls paint theme on a lot of bikes but up close, you can tell the hard work, talent and time that went into this paint job.
QueenMary BikeShow (4)

This was one of my favorites...
QueenMary BikeShow (5)

That's a 6 cylinder motor in that thing!
QueenMary BikeShow (6)

This trike was built by Russell Mitchell of Exile Cycles.
QueenMary BikeShow (10)

Here is Jesse Rooke of Rooke Customs being interviewed by KUSH TV.
QueenMary BikeShow (11)

Here is one of my favorite bike builders Chica (under the red tent, on the right).
QueenMary BikeShow (12)

Here are a few more of my favorites in the show.
QueenMary BikeShow (14)

QueenMary BikeShow (19)

QueenMary BikeShow (21)

QueenMary BikeShow (23)

QueenMary BikeShow (25)

QueenMary BikeShow (27)

Hey! Who put that picture in here? Oh yeah...

I didn't stay too long once I got to see all the bikes. They had "other" attractions in the show some boxing thing with girls in bikinis, a few girl bands, a bikini contest and a few more things that I did not stick around for.
Sunburn? No this was from my exercise, walking at the beach... really!


Blogger Ryan said...

So you like the cafe racers? I kinda like the way they look while stationary, but have yet to see anyone look cool while actually riding one. Maybe in Europe.
Look like you had a good time. How's your "build" going?

10:30 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

I've always favored the bobber style. Though lately, I have been looking at the cafe racers. Especially the 650s and 750s.

3:07 AM  

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