Monday, July 23, 2007

35:04 and no Sun!

I was done with everything I needed to do today and was killing some time surfing around the web. James IM'd me asking what was up and it started out with the usual "uh, nothing... what are you doing?" type conversation.
He said that he was thinking of going down to Corona Del Mar before the sun set. Then 35 minutes and 4 seconds later, I was picking him up. The sunset was looking good in Irvine but as soon as we got over the hill towards the beach... CLOUDS! What a difference!
Driving around looking for sun, we were now up in Newport Beach and the sun was getting low behind the clouds.
James said that he remembered taking the ferry to Balboa Island. A quick left onto Jamboree and we were looking for the ferry.
I've never been on a ferry and it wasn't what I was expecting.
No sun!
Ferry (1)

The other ferry going the other way.
Ferry (2)

Welcome to Balboa Island! It took all of 5 minutes.
Ferry (3)

Well, that was fun.


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