Friday, September 07, 2007

San Diego Bound

Berda asked a while back for a favor of a ride to Stockton for a friend's engagement party/ceremony. Now I am never one to refuse any excuse for a road trip so I said "Sure, why not?"
It only took a split second to figure out how to cram as much into the trip to make it fun. Two friends had gone away to college, it has been a couple of weeks but Allison is further way and will not be able to com home forvisits as often as she is attending University of Pacific in Stockton, yes Stockton! Gears start turning and...
So I am picking up Natalie over at San Diego State so she can come with us to surprise Allison (they are after all "bffs"). I had to make sure that no one tells or even hints the surprise to Allison especially since the network of friends and relatives keep in touch with everything from cell phones to web cams.
So, once on the way to San Diego, I gave myself lots of time to make a bunch of stops to take pictures here and there. I left from Cerritos after running a few errands. I didn't think that I would be taking my first shots right away. Right away I was stuck in traffic, for some reason the traffic on the 605 was almost at a standstill!
SDBound (1)

Luckily, it didn't lt long but this was what was causing the crawl.
SDBound (2)

Once I passed the accident, it was clear sailing. I was surprised at how light the traffic down was going south. I was taking a leisurely drive, staying away from the faster lanes and I was still worried that I would get down there too early. I stopped at a "Vista Point" to take a little break, stretch my legs, take some pictures and enjoy the scenery for a bit. Then this guy and his family pulls up and in a near empty parking lot (4 cars total) claims his domain! What an ass!
SDBound (3)
These things came to mind again!
idiot parking

Once I realized that I was ruining my day, I turned around and enjoyed the scenery.
SDBound (4)

SDBound (5)

There was some helicopter training going on at the beach (this was north Camp Pendelton area) since it kept going around in circles and landing briefly at a small helicopter pad on the beach, then starting all over again.
SDBound (6)

Just as I was getting ready to leave, the "selfish parker" and his family were... how can i say this? "Attacked?" by almost every single bird at that vista point. It was weird!
SDBound (8)

I made a few more stops here and there nothing exciting or even remotely interesting. I found the visitor's parking lot at Natalie's college and found her dorm quickly enough. She tried to show me around but she hasn't really explored her campus yet, so we just walked around for a little bit before heading out.
Here is the Pedestrian Bridge that leads to the rest of the campus from the residence area.
SDBound (9)

Natalie in front of the Student Center.
SDBound (10)

Seemed like all of SanDiego was headed for LA, so it was a very slow drive back up. We stopped for dinner (a late dinner) at Curry House which really hit the spot.

Tomorrow, Stockton.


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