Monday, September 10, 2007

Surprising Allison

Well, we (Berda, Natalie and Grace) headed out for Stockton at about 7:00 am. It was a pretty nice day and fortunately there was not much traffic, it was a very smooth ride. Too smooth.
I don't know what it is about my car but everyone falls asleep within minutes from the start of a road trip. Even when people say, "We'll help keep you company and awake."
AllieVisit (2)

Berda wasn't affected though, she was taking the pictures.
AllieVisit (3)

Except for this one.
AllieVisit (4)

We made a few small stops mostly for gas, leg stretching and "maintenance". Otherwise, we made it to Allison's campus in 4 hours, 52 minutes and 16 seconds (yes I timed it!). Once we got there we had to find a place where Natalie and Grace can surprise Allison without being seen. The tables outside her dorms seemed like the best place as long as we can get her to sit with her back to it.
"Here sit right here!" Great Berda, real subtle. But I guess it worked. Who's that on the left?
AllieVisit (5)

Still no idea and getting closer.
AllieVisit (6)

Now, I was going to show Allison this picture to show her who is right behind her but Natalie came up and covered her eyes instead.
AllieVisit (7)

It took maybe half a second for Allison to realize who it was and that's pretty much when the "waterworks" began.
AllieVisit (8)

AllieVisit (9)

Once the tears were wiped, I was able to get in a picture.
AllieVisit (10)

Allison showed us her dorm room.
AllieVisit (12)

Natalie made herself comfortable.
AllieVisit (12)

We met Allison's friend, Michelle.
AllieVisit (13)

Then we toured the campus.
AllieVisit (14)

AllieVisit (15)

AllieVisit (16)

Another of Allison's friends, Kenny filled in as the campus tour guide. Thanks Kenny! Here they are at the "Bridge" to the rest of the campus. Is that a trend? SDSU had one too.
AllieVisit (17)

After the tour, we headed bac to Allison's dorm room. We had left Natalie with her while Grace and I accompanied Berda to her friends' engagement party/ceremony for an hour and a half.
When we got back we all had dinner at Outback Steakhouse with Kenny and another of Allison's friends, Melissa.
AllieVisit (18)

We also celebrated Berda's birthday.
AllieVisit (20)

AllieVisit (21)

We stocked Allison with more supplies from Target before we left, then made our good-byes.
It was a great trip and instead of feeling tired, I was actually energized for the drive back. Can't say the same for the two in the back though. They were out before we left the county.


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