Thursday, April 09, 2009

"I'm going to Disneyland!" - B. SooHoo

I'm going to be playing catch up with the next few posts. Things have calmed down quite a bit since we got the great news about dad's cancer-free status. He is still recovering, having an 1/8th of your left removed is not something you get over from overnight. I was able to get away every now and then while mom took over watching after dad. One of those days, I was able to celebrate with another cancer-free diagnosis.

Berda's Going to Disneyland!
My good friend Berda has been fighting with breast cancer for the past year or so. She went through chemo, a double masectomy and radiation treatments. Through the whole ordeal, she managed to keep such a cheery disposition that it threw off many who did not know her very well, including some of us who did!
Last month, she completed her final radiation treatment, given a clean bill of cancer-free health and will be looking forward to reconstruction. She arranged to have her last radiation treatment as early as possible in the day so we can go to...
Almost there
Yup! you guess it!


We had a great time and even met with a galactic hero.
With Buzz!!

Congratulations Berda! It was a blast celebrating with you!


Anonymous Amanda said...

yay! out of curiosity, what button is she wearing?

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