Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Good Day, Sunshine

I got up this morning and I told myself that I was going to have a "Good Day". I got up on time, I made some breakfast read part of the newspaper.

then I got on the freeway...

  1. Radio: The top 1% of the US population now owns roughly one-third of the country's wealth.
  2. Radio: Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth decided to split up.*
  3. Stupid and careless drivers.
  4. Radio: California's secretary of state, Kevin Shelley is scheduled to answer to allegations that he misused federal funds and accepted questionable campaign donations.

*Normally, that wouldn't really affect me but the reason they gave for their split up is "They did decide to take some time apart due to their upcoming work schedule..."
I can understand if they did not love each other anymore or even some of the more "valid" reasons but because they were going to BE BUSY?!

But then again these made up for the above...

  1. Radio: Oklahoma state senator, Frank Shurdeen, hopes to revive cockfighting in the state by putting tiny boxing gloves on the roosters instead of razors.
  2. Saw two spittakes at lunch... caused one of them.
  3. The weather was great today.
  4. Had a good Bible study.

So overall, I guess it was a good day...