Saturday, September 30, 2006

Disneyland in September

Yeah it was time for my monthly Dosage of Disneyland with my God-daughter, Amanda. Yesterday was also the first day of Disneyland's Halloween Time. Disneyland doesn't really celebrate Halloween outside of the Haunted Mansion and a few pumpkins here and there. This year they are giving it a little more consideration...
As you arrive...
Sept Disney
Guy getting a boost from his girlfriend so he can have a picture taken with "his" letter...
Sept Disney (1)
Sept Disney (3)
Sept Disney (4)
Sept Disney (5)
Sept Disney (6)
Sept Disney (7)
Sept Disney (8)
Sept Disney (9)
Sept Disney (11)
Sept Disney (12)
Then there was the Haunted Mansion...
Sept Disney (14)
Sept Disney (16)
Halloween Wreath
Sept Disney (20)
Overheard in line about the rows of Jack O'Lanterns: "Oh... that one near the top looks soo sad!"
Sept Disney (23)
Sept Disney (24)
Sept Disney (25)
Sept Disney (26)
I was waiting for someone to tell her, "you would be sad too if you had a pole through your head..." but that didn't happen. We were surprised that Friday not withstanding, the park was not very crowded. We actually rode the Haunted Mansion 3 times that day. The first two times, back to back and the third time right after lunch.
I have a bunch of pictures from the ride, but I don't want to spoil it for people who are planning on going but if you want to see all the pictures go here.
Since Amanda and I have been on for the most part every ride already, we just hit a few rides...
Sept Disney (60)
Hahahaha! I won! Hey Amanda, didn't think I was going to post this huh? Well, after the beating you gave me the last time...
We ended up just hanging out at the top of Main Street facing the Castle and people watched...
Sept Disney (53)
I love it when people dress up...
Sept Disney (54)
Feeding the ducks, I'm sure Donald appreciates it...
Sept Disney (55)

Overheard from people passing by:
  1. A father to his 6-7 year old son as they walk towards the castle, "Next time we leave the house you have to remind me to bring a camera."
  2. Two guys headed towards the Matterhorn, "Damn, that's a Big Ass Mountain!"
  3. A 6 year girl to her mom in the Haunted Mansion line, "Mommy is this scary?" Mom answers, "Of course, it's haunted."

Then there was the fireworks and we were right in front of the castle this time...

Sept Disney (57)
Sept Disney (59)

If you want to see all the pictures click on the link below.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Time to fill up

"Looks" like the prices are going down or is it just a tease?
Downey Avenue and Flower Street, Paramount

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Amateur Barbarian

One of the nicest person I know is taking a long deserved Vacation. Celia got him to blog about his travels and as he writes there is a little part of me that gets more and more envious. His blog is a great diversion, I get a chuckle every time I read it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Photos

Still playing catch up, so... Nothing but pictures...

Disney in August...

Disneyland in August (1)

Disneyland in August (3)

Disneyland in August (6)

Disneyland in August (7)

Nethercutt Museum...
I wish...

Nethercutt Museum (7)

A favorite...
Nethercutt Museum (10)
I can see me driving this...
Nethercutt Museum (19)
Or this...
Nethercutt Museum (20)
but not this
Nethercutt Museum (24)
Another Pechanga Trip...
If Hank's asleep...
Mystery Photographer (4)
and Derrick's asleep...
Mystery Photographer (3)
James is down...
Mystery Photographer (2)
and I'm asleep...
Mystery Photographer (1)
What I want to know is....
Who was taking all the pictures?

Labor Day at the Lai's...
Ok, whenever the families get together, there are two things that you can be sure of. That there will be lots of food and that there will be a bunch of games (cards, board games, speed scrabble or whatever the game of the month may be). Well, this was no different.
Labor Day Get-Together (3)
Labor Day Get-Together (4)
Labor Day Get-Together (11)
Labor Day Get-Together (12)
Labor Day Get-Together (10)
"Take homes"
Labor Day Get-Together (13)
Labor Day Get-Together (18)
And finally, going home...
Labor Day Get-Together (23)
Labor Day Get-Together (24)
Labor Day Get-Together (25)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Stamina at La Creperie (Part 2)

So, dinner and desserts gone, all that was left was to go home...

But on the way to the car... there were a few distractions and I guess "photo ops". Not so sure what the draw was with the tree...They say we were being followed by some "weird" guy... hmmmm... weird huh? Well, it was a lot of fun. Hey Steven, next time you really have to come along. We really had a blast.