Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chinese New Year Parade

Chinatown Parade (1)
I had the chance to go to the Chinatown Chinese New Year Parade again this year. It is the Year of the Boar (or pig). Thanks to Berda for the invites to the VIP tent and grandstand seating. The seats would have been perfect if not for certain photographers who think that it is ok to stand in front of people because their camera is bigger or people who don't feel that barricades apply to them. But enough of that!
Heading for the VIP tent in the middle of the fairgrounds, there were a couple of distractions...
Chinatown Parade (9)

Chinatown Parade (3)

Chinatown Parade (4)

In the VIP tent the Miss Chinatown Queen and her court were there mingling and taking pictures. There was also the usual spread of food and drinks.

Chinatown Parade (6)

Chinatown Parade (8)
Of course I wanted a picture.

We were making our way to the grandstands when James said he wanted a picture in the middle of the street... ok.
Chinatown Parade (10)

It didn't take long before James and Berda started fighting... again...
Chinatown Parade (11)Chinatown Parade (12)
What am I going to do with these two?

Celia was going to get Jim a hat since there was no shade where we were and well, we all wanted hats too so...
Chinatown Parade (13)
and James didn't want to be left out...
Chinatown Parade (16)

The Immortals, led the parade with their lion dancers. They were the same Lion dancer that performed at Jim and Celia's wedding.
Chinatown Parade (26)

Chinatown Parade (28)
Bowing to the grandstand.

There were a few familiar faces in the parade this year...
Chinatown Parade (31)

Chinatown Parade (32)

Chinatown Parade (34)

Chinatown Parade (64)

This year's Grand Marshal was James Hong.
Chinatown Parade (46)

The Mayor
Chinatown Parade (47)

And of course...
Chinatown Parade (42)

It seemed like there were more misses than hits this year. There were a few parade participants that were very impressive. There was this tiny woman spinning, twirling and whipping a flag and pole that outweighed her by at least 30 lbs, group of middle school cheerleaders who threw one of their own a fair distance up in the air and catching her without breaking her neck, dragon groups (the longer the dragon the better!) and then this guy.
Chinatown Parade (69)
The group formed a flight of "stairs" with their rifles and this guy walks up to the top without missing a beat. Talk about confidence in your guys. Then he goes on to twirl his rifle like a pro.

Then there were the "misses".
Chinatown Parade (41)
How come the only one without a boat gets the paddle?

Chinatown Parade (75)
Am I the only one weirded out by this parade entry?

Chinatown Parade (77)
I think this guy either brought the wrong drum or the whole band took a wrong turn and ended up in the wrong parade.

I think the parade took a little longer than the organizers expected. Two-thirds of the way, you could hear all the red-shirt officials yelling at the participants to hurry up. Then some police on bicycles came up in front of the grandstands. At first I thought it was for crowd safety because of the martial arts group coming up with their weapons demonstration, then I saw this go up across the street.
Chinatown Parade (78)

Chinatown Parade (80)
As it turned out the police presence was not only not needed but a bit over done.

Also bumped into another familiar face.
Chinatown Parade (74)

Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Day means Karaoke

Since Jim and Celia got back from their Honeymoon, a few people pointed out to me that I should let them know some of their new duties... The one I can get behind is that now that they are married it is their duty (there's that word again) to provide get-togethers for their single friends to meet. Seeing how hard it is to meet people outside of the "comfortable circle of friends" I am so behind this marriage law(?).
Anyway, they got a few people together tonight.

Pres Day (1)
Hank hamming it up.

Pres Day (2)
Kitchen Crew

Pres Day (3)
Cathy, Jason and Tyson

Pres Day (4)

Pres Day (5)
Shannon our bartender or was she?

Pres Day (6)

Pres Day (8)
Interpretive dance by Lucas

Pres Day (10)
Then the karaoke started with Craig.

Pres Day (11)
The hosts.

Pres Day (12)
Lots of laughs.

Pres Day (13)
"Pick a song"

Pres Day (14)
Craig and Shannon

Pres Day (15)

Pres Day (16)

It pretty much went on like this the rest of the evening. Everyone was looking for fun songs t sing and putting their own "twist" to them. There was a Bohemian Rhapsody version sung by Reverend Jim that earned him a perfect 100 score. I have no idea how he did it but he had us rolling on the floor! There was some rapping, the interpretive dance to The Rose and a score of 69 for David Lee Roth's "I'm Just a Gigolo" (thank you , thank you).

Thanks to Jim and Celia for hosting, Wayne for taking the first part of the BBQ-ing, James for the chicken and everyone else for a great time.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!!

This year it is the Year of the Pig. If you are born in the year of the pig, you don't have a lot of luck, in fact you just about break even. It is the last of the 12 signs of the Chinese astrological symbols.

"You only have two extremely good months this year, although you have many good to very good ones. You may not have a lot of great opportunities, but there should be plenty of decent ones. Water -- your fixed element -- and Fire spell disaster, so don't take any unnecessary risks."

Hmmm... Fire spells disaster, I think it spells BBQ.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!

Chinese NY Mickey

Sunday, February 04, 2007

What Superbowl?

Kathy and Derrick had the usual suspects over for the Superbowl Game today. Well, not really. It was more an excuse, because there weren't really many interested in the game. The Moys of Chicago had sent everyone a bunch of Omaha steaks for Christmas and it was a great reson to get together and eat. So everyone brought their steaks and other foodstuff for a "Superbowl is just an excuse" Party.
I don't think there were more than 4 people watching the game at a time. Many weren't even at the house yet. Some were shopping, others were cooking at their homes, a few of us who were already at Kathy and Derrick's were either cooking or put to work by Derrick pruning trees... LOL! Thing was James (not me) got it in his head to bug Berda, more than usual, that night so it was fun to watch. James got Kathy hooked on a computer game involving of all things batting penguins across the snow with a club. Hahahaha, sounds worse than it is, but for the Kathy, the lover of all things penguin, it was a stretch... but she did play....

Superbowl (1)

Superbowl (2)

Superbowl (3)
And this is where it started...

Then Derrick got some people to prune a tree...
Superbowl (4)

Superbowl (5)

Superbowl (6)

Superbowl (7)

Superbowl (8)

Superbowl (9)

Superbowl (10)

Superbowl (11)

Meanwhile in the kitchen...
Superbowl (12)

Superbowl (13)

Superbowl (14)

Superbowl (15)

Superbowl (16)

Superbowl (17)

Superbowl (18)
Mmmmm... meat!

Superbowl (19)
Thanks to the Moyz of Chicago!!!

Superbowl (20)
Superbowl (21)
What are these things?!!!

Superbowl (22)
One of many cooks.

Superbowl (23)

In the living room...
Superbowl (24)
Bradley and Steven

Superbowl (25)
Oh yeah there is a game on!

Then it really starts!
Superbowl (26)

Superbowl (27)

Superbowl (28)
He never saw it coming!

Superbowl (29)
Just for good measure.

Superbowl (30)
Even with a wok, he is no match...

Superbowl (31)
The Aftermath...

Superbowl (32)
Superbowl (33)
Superbowl (39)
Superbowl (34)
Superbowl (35)
Superbowl (36)
More arrivals, more food, more fun!!!

Superbowl (37)
Once again "Thank you to the MOYZ!!!"

Superbowl (38)
When do we eat?!!

Superbowl (40)
I'm hungry!

Superbowl (41)
More food!!

Superbowl (42)
Someone's idea of a joke?

Superbowl (43)

Superbowl (44)
Kristen and Kaitlyn

Superbowl (45)
Superbowl (46)
Pick a steak... any steak!

Superbowl (47)
Hmmm, someone's really hungry!

Superbowl (49)
Superbowl (50)
All this food and what is James doing? He's checking out the scents of the soaps in the bathroom!!! What a girlie! hahahaha Anything new from Bath and Body Works, James?

Superbowl (51)
Superbowl (52)
Superbowl (53)
No really! Someone's MAD hungry!!

Superbowl (54)
Darrell "Never a normal picture" L.

Superbowl (55)
Frances, Kathy and Traci.

Superbowl (58)
Hank sneaking in the picture.

Superbowl (59)
Food good!

Superbowl (60)
Quick! Before Uncle Hank gets back!

Superbowl (61)
Watch out James! Berda has the knife!

Superbowl (62)
June and Kathy

Superbowl (63)
While all the other kids were playing, Rachel was doing homework! Remember Rachel A's and B's and we go to Disneyland again!!

Superbowl (64)
"This stuff is too healthy! I don't want it!"

Superbowl (65)
Superbowl (66)
Superbowl (67)
Superbowl (68)
Much better!

Superbowl (69)
Natalie and Allison

Superbowl (70)
June, Grace and Tony

Superbowl (71)
Frances and Allison

Superbowl (72)

Superbowl (73)
Natalie and Traci

Superbowl (74)
For good measure!

Thanks to Kathy and Derrick for openning up their home, to everyone bringing food, again the Moys of Chicago - We miss you guys!