Thursday, November 29, 2007

Catching up to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was in Downey this year and it was the usual... Family, fun and FOOD! There are a couple of new additions to the family since last year's Thanksgiving. A lot more to be thankful for.
Emma and Kim
Thanksgiving (1)

Everyone enjoy's Aurora's dip but Jenna only likes the olives...
Thanksgiving (4)

Anita with Rolly and Johanna's addition to the family, Julia.
Thanksgiving (5)

Aurora and mom.
Thanksgiving (6)

Celia and the other addition to the family, Wonton.
Thanksgiving (8)

Jasmine leading the parade!
Thanksgiving (9)

With Jenna bringing up the rear of the parade... ok, so it was a parade of two.
Thanksgiving (10)

Johanna and Rolly
Thanksgiving (11)

Not really sure if this is a trick or if Wonton got into some turkey.
Thanksgiving (12)

Me and Jasmine
Thanksgiving (13)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mike and Maria's Wedding

A very good friend found her other half and it was a pleasure seeing her marrying him. Maria and Mike were married last Sunday at the Charthouse in Dana Point. It was a beautiful day and gorgeous site for a wedding.

Here she is still a "Chen".
Mike and Maria (1)

I think this says it all as far as how Mike was feeling.
Mike and Maria (3)

It was a beautiful day!
Mike and Maria (5)

Now it's official!
Mike and Maria (6)

It was great seeing friends that I don't get to see often enough.
Mike and Maria (2)

Mike and Maria (12)

Mike and Maria (14)

Mike and Maria (15)

Of course Berda found a baby to hold.
Mike and Maria (8)

Mike needs to pay attention!
Mike and Maria (10)

Kaitlyn was enjoying the scenery.
Mike and Maria (7)

First dance.
Mike and Maria (16)

and the judges say...
Mike and Maria (17)

Now the party begins!
Mike and Maria (18)

It was great seeing Maria get married. I wish them all the happiness in the world.