Sunday, November 01, 2009

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval

Last year, Glen told me that I should checkout the Halloween Carnaval in West Hollywood. Glen participates every year with very creative costumes and is called to the Main Stage for the costume contest. Last year, Glen and Stanton ended up with third place with this entry...

This year they came up with this...
With Glen and Stanton

Another Glen/Stanton Production

There was definitely more people there this year. I brought James along to experience the madness! As always, the costumes ranged from the elaborate to "what's in the closet" to "stop by CVS on the way".
A lot of people opted for the paired or group theme.
The burger wars are over!
I guess the Burger Wars are over.




Captain America!

The Joker and guards

female Batman and Robin

The guy in the Iron Fist costume was happy that somebody actually knew who Iron Fist was!



Mario Cart!!!
This couple rocked! That plus I like Mario Kart!

1 of 4
Right after I took this picture the girl in the bee costume (yellow and black) saw three other guys wearing the same costume she had on and ran after them!

There were a great number of people dressed up as zombies but the make up on these two were awesome!

There was a lot of these type of costumes too!

$5 Footlong!
This guy was hilarious!

Then there were the guys who lost bets!

fat  male fairy

Ok, Glen gave me two passes already but next year I am supposed to wear a costume. I have one year.