Saturday, January 02, 2010

The last of 2009

2009 went into overdrive right after Halloween. Before I knew it, 2010 is well on it's way. Here are the last of the 2009 pictures.

Malibu Hike
Jolene took me on my first hike in Malibu. We took an easy trail called The Escondido Falls. It was easy once you get to the trailhead but it was already a hike just to get to it!


The Trail ended at a waterfall. Since it was the end of summer, the waterfall wasn't what it could have been (red arrow pointing at the fall). I was looking at the markings around the fall and the pool of water there, it definitely can get bigger.

The Huntington Library
Grace organized a few of us to spend some time at the Huntington Library. I've always been wanting to go but never had the opportunity so this was another first for me. I was not able to explore the gardens at a leisurely pace but a friend told me that as a member she can sign me in any time.

Pavilion of Three Friends

At the Chinese Garden Pond

At the Japanese Gardens

Tony and Grace

Thanks to Tony and Grace for getting people together for this!

That's about all for 2009. This is the last of 2009!
New Year's Eve Slam!