Monday, December 22, 2003

I haven't really found much in the world of entertainment to really get excited about this year. The music industry has done its best to get me to dig into my old collection instead of adding new stuff to it. As far as Rock is concerned there have been a few groups that have made it to the "check them out" list like Linkin Park, Coldplay and Evanscence but it doesn't look that good. There have been some jazz and blues, but the new ones can't seem to decide where they want to be, jumping back and forth from jazz to blues and back again.

There used to be a good number of movies I would go see during the year, though this year I can count the number of movies I've seen with one hand. Unfortunately, some of them weren't "all that". I saw the second installment of the Matrix and it has not convinced me to go watch the third. The Chicago was surprisingly enjoyable, though I was more impressed with Richard Gere and Queen Latifah than Rene Zellweger and Catherine Zet-Jones. Pirates of the Caribbean was pretty good but it couldn't get me to the theaters, saw it on a DVD. Kill Bill was a fun bloody mess, but I'm not very excited about the next one.

TV? Even less. The West Wing is still a favorite and thank you Bravo channel for showing it all week. Alias is starting to get interesting again after a slow start. I will also admit to The Discovery Channel's Monster Garage. Actually, when I do have time I usually surf The Discovery Channel, Bravo and PBS.

Song of the Day: "Blue Eyes" by Elton John

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