Sunday, March 07, 2004

That's A Switch

After service every Sunday, there are usually two or three groups that go out for lunch. Not everyone can agree on where to go that's why there are usually 2-3 groups heading out in to different places. Where the groups go usually depend on the group. The families usually go to fast and "inexpensive" and basically the kids like the fast and "inexpensive"; the younger folks with the "disposable incomes" usually go to a nice sit down place and finally once in a while a third group would form, a group of adventurous souls, going to a NEW place, a new place that has caught someone's ears, nose and/or eyes.
Today, the groups made some uncharacteristic decisions. The families went to a nice sit down Thai restaurant and the younger crowd went to of all places Der Weinerschitzel's. It's not really a big deal and the "switch" happens more often than how I make it sound, I just thought it was odd.

Song of the Day: "Catch Me I'm Falling" by The Kinks


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