Thursday, April 15, 2004

Hilaring Highlights

The continuing adventures of this Tahoe trip just keep going and going. Traci, Natalie and Auntie Lori decided that a newsletter of the trips hilarious moments (hence the title: "Hilaring Higlights" hilaring is the new verb form of hilarious) should be chronicled.
I have been video-taping the trip as much as I have been able and have asked everyone to make sure to give me a copy of all their pictures. I am planning of putting together a DVD of the entire trip from start to finish complete with commentaries from everyone from the trip. Now it may sound like too big a production project and it is, but it should be a big hit with the target audience... US!
Today was designated as Shopping Day! We jumped into the "clown car" (since there are 10 - 15 people going in and out of the van, it reminds us of those clown cars in the circus where an endless line of clowns come out of a tiny car) and headed out to the outlets, malls and yes, back to Raley's for more groceries.
The Okajima's stopped by tonight. They were staying at the Timberland. They came by a we all got caught up with everyone. It's funny that we all drove for hours only to bump into people that live less than an hour's drive from home.
Here are a few of today's Hilaring Highlights, the only disclaimer I am putting on this is that since the following is the condensed version, it may not be an accurate representation of what actually happened, it may very well be worse...
- Lori sends Benny a mile away for lotion, while Traci walks ten feet for a ton of them.
- Breanna takes over Uncle Angel's computer, it takes major negotiations to get it back.
- Kathy tries to cook a ton of chicken in an oven made for half a ton.
- Angel adds Benny to his list of mentors, Derrick, Hank and Tony being the others... we all feel sorry for his future wife and kids.
- Angel is given a new nickname by Breanna... Uncle Donuthead.
- Grace was spanked... Tony was not the spanker.
- The Yangtze River Otter Synchronized Swimming Team is formed. Tony appointed coach. First team event synchronized fanning (due to the chicken overcrowding incident, a fanning exercise was necessary to prevent the smoke alarm from going off).

Well, that's it for now. Tomorrow promises to be as fun-filled. We are going to go sledding again. We figure if we can avoid having to go to the hospital, we're in good shape. The Okajima may be joining us so it will be an even bigger crowd.

Song of the Day: "Dangerous Game" by 3 Doors Down


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