Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Sledding Day

Today, we were in search of snow. Being so late in the season our usual sledding location was no longer white, in fact it was totally green. We had to go further north to Rose Mountain inthe northern end of Lake Tahoe. We found a place that was not as steep but we made out just fine. It took me a while to get worked up enough to get out of the van because the wind was blowing so hard and I had lent Berda my ski jacket earlier so I only had a sweat shirt.
By the time I got out there, I had just missed Lori taking Benny out at the bottom of the hill with a sled. If only I had gotten out of the van just 5 minutes earlier I would have had the whole thing.
Then there was Tony telling the kids to ride down the hill sitting on the sled either backwards, lying down, flat on their stomachs or flat on their stomachs facing the other way -- the whole time telling them "Don't worry, you probably won't get hurt!" as he pushes them off.
Tonight was mexican night. I made some Spanish rice, chicken and beef tacos -- salad and refried beans completed the menu. Everyone had more than enough to eat and there was no leftovers. Worked out perfect.

Tonight's movie is The Rundown.

Song of the Day: " Livin' It Up" by Limp Bizkit


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