Monday, June 27, 2005

Asian people at weddings suck!

Ok, this is going to be a RANT! And lengthy so be warned.

I really believe that weddings are an awesome thing! I can't wait for my own but that would be a different thing altogether. I know when I get married I would want friends and relatives to help me celebrate the occasion. First to witness the fact then party afterwards, right? You would think...
I went to the 3rd of probably 5 weddings I'll be attending this year. The last one was last Saturday and it was a very nice day for a wedding. The ceremony, church, wedding dress, blah, blah blah was beautiful. The church where the ceremony took place could have been filled a bit more (compared to the reception, but I'm getting to that). The first thing I do when I get an invitation is check the date then the location, makes sense right? That way I know how long it is going to take to get there, etc. People were coming in late! When I say late we're talking a half hour to 45 minutes late! People were getting there as we were leaving asking "did we miss it?" I didn't want to be rude... ok I wanted to be rude but friends shut me up and answered the bozo's question. I bet they weren't late for the free cocktails at the reception!!!!
People had 2 hours to get to the reception which was 20 minutes away, we took our time and and got there half an hour early and the drink and appetizer vultures were hovering the tables. Did these people think they weren't going to be fed?
So they open up the banquet hall and everything was decorated very nice, though a little cramped. The food quality was really good, seared ahi, filet mignon or a vegetarian dish (that a few people actually had. The bride and groom came in, the parents on both sides introduced, the wedding party came in, the toasts, blah, blah, blah... the food came, people ate.

Then people started leaving! This is the part where the title comes in!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this wedding was a predominantly chinese/asian wedding. Well, attended by predominantly asians, as were the other weddings I've been to this year.

As soon as these people, most of whom didn't go to the ceremony, got fed -- they up and left! The digestion process has yet to start in their filled stomachs and they were already headed out the door! Nothing would piss me off more than wanting to celebrate a milestone in my life with FRIENDS and family and then find a near empty banquet hall and a huge dance floor occupied solely by your wedding party!

When it comes to my turn, there will be steps to insure a party.

  1. A "party with us" contract included in the invitation.
  2. Reception on a boat.
  3. Reception on an island.
  4. Guards (maybe armed)
  5. Dogs

Who am I kidding? The only thing to do really is to be selective as to who gets invited. Family and friends. Not co-workers, not friends of friends (unless significant others), not people from church (unless they ARE family and friends) and definitely not clients or people you do business with (UNLESS they fit the family and friends qualification).

Anyway, that's my RANT and I'm sticking to it. I doubt if any of those bozos will ever read this or even hear of it. The next wedding you go to, remember this it is a celebration! If you all you want out of it is a free meal and be able to say "Oh yeah, I WAS invited to so and so's wedding" as if it is some kind of badge of social standing, stay the H#*L home!


Anonymous i am natalie ;D said...

hey hey hey. i agree. lOL. i better be invited to your wedding. i will stay for the whole freakin thingg too. ahahah. well see ya.

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