Monday, August 01, 2005

Broke a tooth

I was at a Get-Together BBQ Sunday. It was a great day and as usual for a Cornerstone event, there was a LOT of food! I got there fairly early so things were still being set up. Ken was getting the teriyaki burgers ready and Darrell was heating up the grill. While that was going on I picked up a fried chicken leg and on the last bite (isn't it always on the last bite?) I felt what I thought was a bone. I spat it out on a napkin and it was a tooth or rather a piece of it!
At first, I was thinking OWWW! Then I realized that I wasn't feeling any pain! It was kind of a numb sensation. The rest of the tooth is still in my mouth so I figured I'll have it looked at later since I don't know of any dentist that works on Sundays. Besides, I was not in pain and I was enjoying the party...

I made an appointment to see the dentist Friday. I hope the "no pain" continues. Just my luck, I probably just "jinxed" it. Until then I guess I'll keep chewing on the right side just in case...


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