Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sending prayers to London

Once again I find myself fighting hate. My first reaction when I heard of the bombing was thankfully concern. Then when more news came through, I was thinking "what can be done to help?" "what can I do to help?"
That's when the helplessness started. Then the feeling of futility came on, came on strong. I realized that there was nothing I can do as one person to help those people who are so in need of comfort.
Then all the "we gotta do this" "we gotta do that" and all the other arm-chair politicians and wanna be super heroes with their "this is what should be done" policies started and I almost got sucked in that whirlpool. At one point, I almost wanted to lash out at these people... almost.
Someone asked the question, "They do these [acts of terrorism] things because of their religion, how do you fight faith?" I find it disturbing that all the "faiths" in this world co-exist with other faiths using miltaristic euphemisms. How do you fight evil within a faith not of your own? The same way you would fight evil within your own faith. With prayer and faith that love will ease all pain. Evil will always flourish when the conditions are there for it to flourish.

What can one man do? Pray. Spread the word that hate in any form is not the answer. Pray. Teach the next generation that hate is not an answer. Pray.

So what is this one man going to do? Sending prayers to London for the victims, the victims families and the people responsible for the bombing. They all need prayers.


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