Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Spiritual growth

I was talking to a friend the other day. I was told that it didn't seem like I was growing spiritually. It got me thinking, how would a person look if they were growing spiritually? I asked my friend if there was something I was doing or not doing that led her to that opinion. She compared me to a mutual friend Ken "O". Then I understood. Ken is a tough act to follow. He would be one of the examples I would use as far as people living on the "path". I'm not there . . . yet.
I believe I have made a lot of progress, there are still many aspects of my "walk" that I still need to work on. For those who know me, they are well aware that I have a MAJOR problem with praying out loud. The thing is prayers was always a very private thing with me. I believe every earnest prayer I've ever done had been silent ones. At Cornerstone, they are big on praying out loud, at least it really seems that way to me. I find that I dread praying in groups when "we all take a turn" because I don't want my turn. At times, the people who know this put me on the spot when it comes to saying grace before meals. Since I've been at Cornerstone, I have prayed out loud once, it was at an Easter Sunrise Service and if I remember correctly there were only 6 of us. . . at least I had witnesses.


Anonymous BobCatGreen said...

No, you've prayed in front of me at least once, and I wasn't at any sunrise service.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

I have? Cool another witness!!!

12:53 PM  

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