Sunday, July 24, 2005

Kool & The Gang still rocks!

There are a lot of GOOD, FREE shows out there this summer. In the City of Alhambra they have a great Summer Jubilee schedule.
Last Saturday they had Kool & The Gang perform. They came on right on time at 8:30 and with their encore ended at 10:15 pm. For a free 1 and half hour show, it was very good! The band had the crowd jumping, singing along and partying for the whole show. Congratulations to the City of Alhambra for a great show.

I learned that the City of Alhambra had War start up their Summer Jubilee on July 9th. People who saw the show all said it was also a great show. The Gap Band is scheduled to play there September 3rd, definitely going to see that!

James and I were noticing that there was a very large police contingent at the festival. Wondering if they were expecting trouble, I went into "looking for abandoned packages" lying around. James told me he overheard two of the police officers talking about the possibility of trouble with gangs. After a few moments, I started chuckling. Gang problems at the Kool & the Gang concert... *snicker*

I found it funny...


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