Thursday, August 04, 2005

Git yer hands dirty!

How passionate are you towards what is happening around you? At your work, at home, club or church? Or are you a "Someone ought'a do something" kind of person? Armchair quarterbacks are a dime a dozen.

I heard all the "there ought'a be a law" and "something should be done" comments. Interestingly enough there was a series of commercials about this.
A group of people standing around a running faucet. Everyone commenting how inconsiderate and thoughtless the person was for leaving the faucet running. This went on for a while until somebody finally reached over and turned it off.
To many people complain about how things are being handled or run, yet they fall short of doing anything about it.

The church is like that. Unless the "powers that be", the leadership team, the administration, basically the people given the responsibility to make decisions for the church do what they do full time, they are going to need your help and even if they are they are going to need your help anyway. They have their "day jobs" and usually it is nothing like what they do for the church. So help them out.
Got an idea? Have them put it on the agenda, don't just mention it.
Don't like how a situation is being handled? Ask to address the board, to complain ONLY to the membership is like gossip.
Don't know how? Look for someone who does and don't stop until you do.
Finally, if all else fails... "Git yer hands dirty!" If you are passionate enough to make noise, you should be passionate enough to get it done, good or bad.


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