Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hacienda Heights Eats

Had dinner with my sister and Stephanie tonight at Life Plaza tonight. Life Plaza has been a staple for eats for quite a while and from there we've found other places to eat in that area. It was a little confusing telling people of Life Plaza. The name of the restaurant is Life Plaza in the Diamond Plaza in Hacienda Heights. What? That's usually the response I get. The food is usually very good, I try to order something I've never ordered before so, there are hits and misses. Tonight had a lot of hits.
Usually we would go a few doors down to Genki Living - Japanese Dessert Land, but we weren't in a crepes kind of mood. But if it's crepes or a Barley embryo milk tea (ordered it just for the name, but it was a hit) you are craving for then Genki it is! We ended up at Tea Station across the street from the Puente Hills Mall. We shared a mango shaved ice. And tore it up.

I have some friends vacationing in Seattle right now. Usually, I would tease some of them every time I go out for crepes or shaved ice but I think they are having too much fun for my teasing to have much of an effect. See you guys when you get back!


Anonymous BOLOjw said...

What? No crepes? Surely that shaved ice did not stand a chance with the 3 yewts.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous traci said...

hahah.. sounds like you had some fun uncle angel without US. =[ ahh.. how sad. anyways... i've never had crepes with you.. goshh.. we have to go sometime forsure! ladedadeda.. okie dokies.. then getting ready for rootbeer floats at 9:30 ahaha.. see you later.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous natalie said...

OHH MAN. thats like AT my house. or like 2 min away. literally. lOL. hope you guys had fun ;D

11:05 PM  

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