Monday, August 08, 2005

Move to Hacienda Heights

I should move to the Hacienda Heights area, considering how much time I spend in that area. I was there with James Saturday night. Yesterday, I had dinner at Life Plaza with Stephanie and my sister. Tonight, Wayne and I headed out to a Maxim off Nogales. That's three nights in a row! I really need to find another city...

Unless I had some work that needed to be done at home, people wouldn't find me there. That being said I see alot of things around town. Some of them pretty normal stuff, a few very interesting. But every so often, I'll witness something that I put under the "you only see this on TV or the movies" file. When those things occur, I'm usually kicking myself in the head for not having a camera on hand. Lately, I've been keeping a camera with me for those "just in case" situations. Yesterday afternoon, I was at an intersection waiting for the left turn light to go on. A semi-truck pulling two trailers was coming from my right about to make a left turn, when it started to tip over. The cab and the first trailer spun out and slowly... and when I say slowly, I mean check your watch slowly... tipped over. You know when you are about to fall and you are sort of trying to balance out and teeter abit to keep from falling? It was like that. The driver crawled out ok, I didn't think he would be hurt since he pretty much had so much time to brace himself.
It was then that I started smacking myself on the head, realizing that I did not have my camera with me! ARGH! Anyway, I think I should keep one of those disposable digital cameras in the car from now on. Would definitely, keep me from any self inflicted injuries after things like that happens and I realize I left the camera at home...


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