Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hermosa Beach Pier

I had dinner with the Soohoos Monday. We went Scotty's in Hermosa Beach for "all you can eat" spaghetti. Berda says the spaghetti there is pretty good. So, off we went. What she didn't tell me or the rest of the family was that we were all going to walk off dinner along the beach. Something that Hank was trying very hard to get out off. So a compromise was made and we walked down the pier.
HermosaBeach (1)

We saw a guy walking back down the pier with a fishing pole over the side. Apparently, he caught something and was trying to reel it in. I didn't think that you could catch anything of any size from the pier, then this came up. He had his son pose with the fish.
HermosaBeach (2)

HermosaBeach (3)

It wasn't a bad late afternoon to be at the beach. There were people still boogie boarding, though thereweren't any waves to speak of at the time. I saw a few still in the water and more playing volleyball.
HermosaBeach (4)

HermosaBeach (5)

HermosaBeach (6)

Then we headed back.
HermosaBeach (7)


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