Thursday, September 27, 2007

Full moon and Slow Dancing

Full Moon
Last night, Ruth had invited our old bible study group (Orange County Peachpits) for Harvest Moon night and dinner. The standing rule was that only round foods or food with round items were allowed. It was a great looking moon last night. It was clear and low in the horizon, making it appear larger than usual. It was such a nice night out that we set up tables outside in front of their house.
FullMoon (1)

FullMoon (2)

The kids were having a blast and Cindy brought out her rollerblades from her car to let Matthew try them out.
FullMoon (3)

Slow Dancing at the Music Center
Afterwards, I headed out to Los Angeles for the last night of the Slow Dancing Exhibit at the Music Center Plaza.
An outdoor video installation of larger-than-life, hyper-slow-motion video portraits of extraordinary dance artists from around the world. Projected on 16-foot screens...
Basically they filmed 5 seconds of each artist's movement using more than 30 times the speed and then played the films back at the normal rate resulting in almost 10 minutes worth of extreme slow dancing. There were a total of 43 dancers captured for this exhibit. After taking a few pictures, I stayed to watch as many of the dancers as I could. Unfortunately, I did not get to see all. I did not get to the Music Center until well past 10 o'clock and there were too many to see.
FullMoon (7)

FullMoon (4)

FullMoon (5)

As you can see there were still a good number of people still enjoying the exhibit. Some people coming out of a show at the Dorothy Chandler filled the crowd. The Music Center had placed chairs out in the plaza for everyone and others just sat down on the ground to enjoy the exhibit. I'm glad I came out to see this, I wished I had come earlier and more often.


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