Saturday, September 29, 2007

Picnic at Lake Fullmor

One of the most compassionate and caring person I had ever had the pleasure of meeting is moving to Louisiana. I had met Ed through the Patriot Guard Riders, the most patriotic and caring group of people you will ever meet.
Aside from attending the military funerals that the Patriot Guard Riders call missions, Ed initiated his own "missions of the heart" for people "in need" whom others have forgotten or ignored. Waiting for word on his coming move, he hosted a "Going away, end of summer, let's ride picnic at Lake Fullmor.
Ed aka Yosemite Sam
summerEnd (2)

We stopped at the ranger station to get parking permits for the day.
summerEnd (4)

Then saw this sign. Sweet!
summerEnd (6)

Ed shaved!
summerEnd (7)

Ok, Let's get to the picnic area!
summerEnd (8)

"Shining for the camera"
summerEnd (12)

Ed is the only one working.
summerEnd (14)

summerEnd (16)

Group shot
summerEnd (22)

On the way home I saw this on top of a hill. It is off the Pyrite Road exit off the 60 Freeway. Does anyone have the story behind this?
summerEnd (23)

summerEnd (24)

It was a great day for a picnic, the weather was close to perfect. I also met a few more people and had a great time talking to them. I don't have the military background that they all share but I know enough that if it weren't for them and others like them it is doubtful that I would be enjoying many of the things that I do enjoy today. For that I give them the respect that's due to them.

Good luck in Lousiana Ed!


Anonymous Chris Crews said...

I used to live right there in Fontana, Country Village exit, that mammoth is just one of many sculptures including other dinosaurs that are part of an exploration park for kids. Look for the rest of them next time you are out that way.

2:11 AM  

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