Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Disneyland in October: Take 2

Ok, so Amanda asks me Sunday asking me what I was doing Monday. I thought, "she wants to go to Disneyland." Sure enough, her college is closed due to the fires. Not from the fire itself but from all the smoke. Well, I told her I couldn't go Monday but Tuesday was a possibility (read: YEAH! LET"S GO!)

OctDisney2 (1)

OctDisney2 (2)

I saw this and the first thing I thought was "Man! Her dogs are going to be howling before the day is through!" Ladies? Would you wear this to an amusement park that required a lot of walking?
OctDisney2 (4)

Got on the Finding Nemo ride with not too long a wait. There was one accident, where this guy's face got stuck in a porthole...
OctDisney2 (5)

The park was not crowded at all!
OctDisney2 (7)

I almost got these. I really wanted to get these. I was at the counter with these.
OctDisney2 (8)

Amanda and I got these instead with our names embroidered in the back.
OctDisney2 (11)

When the empty boat pulled in, they shut the ride down.
OctDisney2 (9)

OctDisney2 (10)

Like I said the park was NOT very crowded at all! Since there was no one in the boat behind us, I took a few flash shots (only time I would do it).

We had left at 4pm. Amanda had Bible study that night and I had Jim's birthday dinner with the family.


Blogger tammieannchin@gmail.com said...

yesss!! i really don't understand the heels. its not too attractive to be limping around the whole park all day. hehehe.

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